Why You Should Clean Your Carpet. Today.

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Why You Should Clean Your Carpet. Today.

A quick once over the carpet is okay – but, when is the last time your REALLY got down deep?

Saving Money Starts With Your Lightbulbs.

Tired of costly utility bills? Our experts can help – and it starts with your lightbulbs.

How to Choose the Perfect Sander for Your DIY Projects

We’ve all seen it – sanding gone wrong and projects ruined. Be sure to read this when deciding on which sander is best for your job.

Leaky Pipes? Here are Some At-Home Solutions You Need

No, duct tape is not the solution for leaky pipes. We promise.

Last Minute Shopping? We Have Gifts They Want

If you’re a last-minute shopper, your favorite hardware store in Manchester NH has you covered. With a trip to Ace Hardware, you can cross those hard to buy for names off your list in no time. We have a huge inventory of in-store electrical, plumbing and heating, and power tools that they’re sure to love. […]

Why You Should Clean Your Carpet. Today.

For many of us, the hectic ins and outs of every day can often put essential home maintenance to the back burner. Sure, we’ll give the counters a quick wipe, the floors a spot clean, and the rugs a once over. However, every homeowner should establish a routine cleaning schedule to eliminate the possibility of […]

Learn DIY Car Repair

If you’re a handy person, then why bother spending hundreds of dollars on basic car repairs? This is especially true when it comes to things like fixing a tire or changing your oil. Luckily, you can do a lot of it at home with tools from your local hardware store. We’ll show you how to […]

Save Energy with Better Lightbulbs

Have you looked at your utilities bill and cringed at the high costs? Have you looked into ways to save energy in your home? We have the answer for you: switching your light bulbs and light fixtures. If you have incandescent light bulbs, you can switch them for a lower wattage. This doesn’t mean your […]

Interior DIY Trends for 2018

It’s a new year, and that means new trends. If you want to change up your home this year, take a look at the predicted trends in DIY decoration for inspiration. When you know what you want, we can help you with any DIY project. Dark colors are the latest home design trend. Pantone’s Color […]

What to Do When Kids Break the House

It’s winter, and that means staying inside, away from the cold. If you’ve got a group of rambunctious kids stuck inside your house, there’s always a worry that things might get broken. Here’s how to fix your house in case an errant ball or toy breaks through a wall. You can prepare your home for […]