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Top 4 Reasons Your Smoke Detector Goes Off

Most parts of your home can go long periods of time without acknowledgment. If you think about it, you probably won’t recall the last time you paid any attention to the light switch in the basement. One of those household necessities people tend to overlook is their smoke detectors. Most people don’t think about their […]

Keep Your Lawn Thriving This Winter

It’s no secret that people are proud of the home they live in. They like to give the house a quick picker-upper before guests arrive so it looks welcoming. The same concept goes for your lawn. When you’re yard is looking green and full, you feel prouder of your home. When it starts to get […]

How to Fix Asphalt Cracks

Nothing in the world is built to last. The milk you buy at the grocery store has an expiration date to let you know when it becomes unhealthy to consume. Sadly, areas of our house like our floor tiles or our driveway don’t come with a clearly marked expiration date. Even worse, they’re still capable […]

Everything You Need For Summer Cleanup

As the summer ends, you’ll notice your yard looking a little different than it did at the start of the season. All that hard work you put into prepping your yard in the spring isn’t as noticeable. You can start to see some weeds that you missed while you were enjoying the weather. There may […]

Brand Selection at Aubin Hardware

A hardware store is a bounty of resources for the mechanically inclined and anybody else looking to start a project for themselves. If you have any questions, the staff has the expertise to help with anything from wire cutters to carpet cleaners. The staff at Aubin Ace Hardware know what they’re doing so they can […]

What Your Paint Color Says About You

Part of the fun of a new home is designing it to be the perfect fit for you. Of course, the same can be said for remodeling the home you already live in. One of the easiest and most telling ways to make your home reflect you is to choose the right color for the […]

What Your Local Hardware Store Has to Offer

Nowadays online shopping is taking over the consumer market. You can get anything online. There is one thing online shopping can’t replace, however. Shopping for hardware and tools online isn’t the same as going to your local hardware store. The employees have the experience to help with nearly any project you’re working on. Their recommendations […]

DIY Summer Project Ideas

Summer is a time to be outside. The weather brightens and the sun is shining so being out and about just feels good. When spending a lot of time in your yard, sometimes you notice that the other three seasons didn’t treat it too well. At the very least, you may just want to change […]

Four Ways To Find Paint Color Inspiration

Getting to decorate your space is one of the best parts of owning or renting property. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to make an area entirely yours. One of the most significant ways you can leave an impression is paint color. It can be hard to find inspiration amongst all of the shades available […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Carpet Cleaner Rental

It’s always great when a hardware store in NH has more than tools. Whether it’s expert advice or more services than expected, that store will stand out to you and be of even more use. Aubin Hardware is proud to offer extensive services including carpet cleaner rental. If you’ve yet to give it a try, […]